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Rhyme and Rhythm

If you're a bard, it's very hard

To find a word that rhymes with rhythm,

But in the end, you'll meet a friend,

And maybe find it chatting with 'im.


You'll note this rhyme shows gender bias,

And that's 'cos rhyming's meant to try us;

But don't despair, nor droop, nor dither,

Just find a friend and chatter with 'er.


Now that balance is restored,

And oil on troubled waters poured,

I'll dare to try my hand at rhyme,

Please browse the rest if you have time.

Yes, I like to try my hand at Rhyme and Rhythm -- I hesitate to call it poetry -- when occasion demands, or when the Muse inspires.  I was first afflicted in this way with the onset of the third millennium --- or was it delirium?  I have gathered my various attempts together in these  subpages, with notes, where relevant, of the background in each case.

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