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Ecole Polytechnique 1994/5

Rue du Pot-de-Fer.jpg

Patrick Huerre, who had founded  LadHyx (the Laboratoire d'Hydrodynamique) at the Ecole Polytechnique ('X') in 1990, invited me to accept the position of  'Professeur en temps partiel' with effect from the academic year 1993/4.  This involved teaching (and examining) two courses (described as 'majeurs') for third-year students, one on Microhydrodynamics and the other on Vortex Dynamics and Turbulence.  I spent May/June 1994 at LadHyx, preparing these courses in the form of booklets for distribution to the students.  I presented the courses (in French) from April to June 1995, during which period we were lucky to be able to rent a third-floor apartment in the Rue du Pot-de-Fer in the Quartier Latin. 

In subsequent years (until 1999) I had run out of sabbatical leave from Cambridge, but I was able to continue this teaching by commuting from Cambridge to Paris for two days each week for the two-month duration of the courses. 

My best student in 1998 was Eric Lauga, now a lecturer at DAMTP following a distinguished career in USA. 

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