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Bristol University 1977-1980

I was appointed in 1976 to the Chair of Applied Mathematics at the University of Bristol  in succession to Professor Leslie Howarth FRS,  and took up this post in January 1977. There I remained until 1980, when I was appointed to a new Professorship of Mathematical Physics at Cambridge University.  I had very friendly relations with Philip Drazin, Howell Peregrine, David Evans, Michael Berry, and many others in the Mathematics and Physics Departments at Bristol.


Our three years in Bristol provided a refreshing change from Cambridge, allowing a different perspective on the UK academic scene.  We lived on Upper Belgrave Road, looking out on the Downs on one side and overlooking the city on the other.  The local topography was stunning.  We had a vine in the garden from which we made our own wine each year -- Château Haute Belgràve, naturellement.  


While at Bristol,  I guided five research students through their PhD degrees.  I also enjoyed an excellent collaboration with my post-doc, Brian Duffy.

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