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50. Moffatt, H.K. & Proctor, M.R.E. 1985 Topological constraints associated with fast dynamo action. J. Fluid Mech154, 493-507. 

The ‘fast dynamo’ concept was introduced by Vainshtein & Z’eldovich (1972).  It is a dynamo whose growth rate remains finite in the limit of infinite fluid conductivity.  Michael Proctor and I showed that such dynamos,  if they exist at all in the conventional sense,  must have pathological spatial structure, non-differentiable nearly everywhere in the limit.


When I raised the problem of existence of a fast dynamo with Zel’dovich in 1983, he removed his belt, deformed it in the stretch-twist-fold cycle, and said “There you see it”.  Well yes, and now you don’t,  as became apparent in the book of Childress & Gilbert (1995).

Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 17.30.31.png

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55. Moffatt, H.K. 1986 Magnetostatic equilibria and analogous Euler flows of arbitrarily complex topology. Part 2, Stability considerations. J. Fluid Mech. 166, 359-378.

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This pair of papers originated in an attempt to find an analogue of the Betchov-da Rios equations for a magnetic flux tube instead of a vortex tube.  This led to the idea of  ‘relaxation under topological constraints’, which indeed yields equilibrium structures of  arbitrarily complex topology.  Arnol'd’s 1974 paper was the starting point of this investigation, although paradoxically this was only realised retrospectively. 

Arnol’d, V.I. (1974) The asymptotic Hopf invariant and its applications [in Russian]. Proc. Summer School in Diff. Eqns., Erevan, Armenian SSR Acad. Sci. 

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